This item is technically a Mortar Pestle Set but it is stylish enough to really be whatever you want it to be. Its natural finish and solid construction exude a museum-quality feel.

Use it for grinding and crushing herbs, spices or medicine. It is non-porous, natural and very durable.

Carved out of a single piece of stone. Easy to maintain/ clean, dishwasher safe and won't absorb food odours or stains.



Please note, because this item is made with love and care by a skilled maker and not a machine, some small variations may occur between your item and what is pictured.


Marble is beautiful and strong but also fragile. Treat it with love because it's breakable. Embrace it. Just like wine it develops a wonderful character with age.


White onyx marble mortar & pestle set

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  • Material: Marble

    Size: Pestle 5.2 x 1.8; Mortar 5 x 4.8 inches

    Weight: 2163 grams