Gorgeous Black & Gold Marble, polished to showcase its natural color and unique veining fashions a stunning serving board for cheeses, charcuterie& steak serving. Beautiful handles lend contemporary style while providing an easy way to lift the board. Lovely to look at, the marble board serves a practical purpose. Naturally cool to the touch, marble transfers heat away from cheeses and meats, preventing foodstuffs from becoming too warm. We just love the way creamy white cheeses, fresh fruit and crispy crackers look so appetizing in contrast to the dark, sleek surface.


Treat your loved ones with a grand 5 star & 7 star hotel serving, make them feel like million dollar and dine like a King or Queen.


Please keep in mind that each piece is extremely unique in its own very beautiful way!



Please note, because this item is made with love and care by a skilled maker and not a machine, some small variations may occur between your item and what is pictured.


Marble Serving Board with Handles

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  • Material: stone, Black & Gold Marble 

    Size: 16 x 12 inches

    Weight: 4 kg