Give your home a Luxurious look!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Create a home that looks straight from a page of Luxury Magazine! If you’re looking to revamp your home, there are ways to make your home look luxurious without emptying your bank account!

People have fundamental attachments to place and space. Physical places endure, while memories and people fade, so home becomes "memory machines" that help us keep alive some of the strongest sources of what has given our lives meaning, well-being, and happiness. Give a luxurious touch to your abode of happiness with special classic and inspiring Handmade products.

Most true works of art are created by hand because it is a matter of essence. They are sought-after and their shapes, materials and details strike a balance between new trends and tradition. Also, they are an extension of the character of those possessing them. Whether the piece of art is stone or silk, wood or porcelain, there needs to be a harmonic symphony of creation, passion and skill in every item. From wall decor to floor lamps, crockery to jewellery boxes, the exquisite detail is what adds a delightful touch of luxury to your home.

The Craft Skill is an emerging online portal for luxury handmade crafts found in sequestered, unknown shrines of creativity. They embrace the unique creations of individualistic makers­ – creations that enamour, enchant and enthral even at first glimpse; where they are restructured to accommodate modern lifestyles by design intellect and aesthetic sensibilities.

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